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Marcus Fyffe Dressage is a training operation based year-round at the heart of the equestrian scene in Wellington, Florida. International Grand Prix competitors David Marcus and Nicholas Fyffe provide outstanding care for horses and personalized training for riders of all experience levels in a positive and professional environment. Marcus Fyffe Dressage offers full training, lessons, coaching, clinics, and sales at their world-class private facility.

Drawing on their diverse backgrounds in the sport of dressage, David and Nicholas bring fresh perspectives coupled with a systematic training method that puts the welfare of the horse first. Their commitment to quality and an adaptable, goal-oriented approach has paid off with an impressive record of top results for themselves and their clients.





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I’ve been in the business a long time and they are both so down to earth and honest. That’s what struck me right out of the gate, David was so forth coming and it was very refreshing after experiences I have had in the past. They are no-nonsense, do what they say, and stand behind their products. I would definitely recommend them for sales or their methods and philosophy for training.

Susie Belanger

Both David and Nicholas are very detail oriented, clear and concise in their instruction.They give my daughter confidence in her riding and they are demanding. They expect the best from her but are respectful too.

Diane McNulty

I was very impressed with the professional and courteous manner of not only them but their staff and clients as well. Their styles are similar yet different enough that maybe one of them just says something differently or makes a slightly different observation and it clicks. They do this is a manner that is never rude or egotistical; but rather encouraging and insightful. 

Leah Wilkins

I really enjoy their ability to cater to each horse’s needs. They are very good at adapting their training method depending on the horse’s strengths or weaknesses. They both put the horse first, they are positive, and they don’t put too much pressure on the horse. They both have a very good way of making you feel ready when you go down centerline.

Maya Markowski