Nicholas and David are extremely gifted trainers and riders who provide a barn atmosphere at their beautiful new facility that is both professional and welcoming. They are highly intelligent and very sensitively attuned to the needs of each horse and rider combination. They specialize in selecting appropriate horses to meet the goals and abilities of their students. Their exceptional barn manager and staff run a highly efficient operation where you never have to worry about the health and safety of the horses.  Whether you ride at Training Level or Grand Prix, you won’t find an atmosphere more conducive to positive learning and enjoyment of the sport than at Marcus Fyffe Dressage.

Donna Cameron

I have been a client of Marcus Fyffe Dressage for five years.  After many years working with several trainers, I am very happy to be in this barn. I came to these trainers initially because of the excellent training for my horse and me as his rider.  Nicholas and David are successful competitors at the highest levels, accomplished trainers of a variety of horses, including difficult ones, and also good at teaching clients, including adult amateur riders and professionals.  I have stayed in the barn because I value the high standards for horse care and attention to details. The barn manager does a great job being alert to the health and soundness of all horses, and keeping the schedule of grooms, riders, and trainers running smoothly. There is a warm and friendly atmosphere among everyone, from trainers to clients and grooms.  No Yelling in this barn!  David and Nicholas have good people skills, including honesty, integrity, and politeness. These qualities make such a difference, because the people at the top set the standards for everyone else.

 Barbara Wolfe

MFD clients are treated to first-class equine services by an efficient and pleasant staff in a peaceful environment. Training of horse and rider is delivered with respect and kindness tailored to meet individual goals. David Marcus and Nicholas Fyffe are expert trainers with proven results on the world stage. It is a privilege to be part of the MFD family!

Martha Stover

David and Nic are on the same page that there is no difference between people doing piaffe-passage and people learning sitting trot; it’s just where you are on your journey. Personally with my horses they have a very good eye about the truth of your work, and the truth of your horses. They can really see what needs to be addressed, what needs to be developed, what needs to just be rewarded and left alone. I find them both to be very engaged and enthusiastic about what they are doing, but they are not so strong or so pushy that it would make me too intense. I bring tons of intensity to my work, and I like them both because they even me out a little bit. They are two guys that always see the glass as half-full.

Tuny Page

I really enjoy their ability to cater to each horse’s needs. They are very good at adapting their training method depending on the horse’s strengths or weaknesses. They both put the horse first, they are positive, and they don’t put too much pressure on the horse. They both have a very good way of making you feel ready when you go down centerline.

Maya Markowski

I can’t say enough good things about Nicholas  and David; they have just been amazing! David and Nic’s concept of dressage has worked wonders for me and my horse. Everything is focused on getting the best out of your partnership and being the best you can be for your horse so that you’re a happy pair. My aids have become much quieter and much lighter. They have different experiences, but the same theories and concepts in developing where they want their clients to go with their horses.”

Wendy Inch

I believe that Nicholas’ success as a clinician results from his amazing ability to take what the rider is doing and putting it into a workable perspective of how you need to proceed to move forward. This then gives the rider direct tools for future use long after the clinic is over.  Furthermore, his down to Earth direct approach gives the rider a realistic look at their riding, while simultaneously giving you what you need to move forward. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my time with Nicholas.

Ayden Uhlir

 I’ve been in the business a long time, and they are both so down to earth and honest.That’s what struck me right out of the gate. David was so forthcoming, and it was very refreshing after experiences I have had in the past. They are no-nonsense, do what they say and stand behind their products. I would definitely recommend them for sales or their methods and philosophy for training.

Susie Belanger

 The quality of care at the barn is unbelievable. I’ve been at a number of barns managed by well-respected professionals and speaking from experience, the quality of the care is far superior with David and Nicholas. I found that I get way more bang for the buck with David and Nicholas. I never feel for one second that I’m not getting above and beyond the services that I’ve paid for.

Meredith Risk

I have only ever had a completely positive and professional experience with both of them. They have never, ever let me down at any level. They have exceeded every expectation I’ve ever had with regards to sales, training and showing.

Leslie DeGroote

Nicholas and David worked together when we recently purchased a new horse. They went to Germany with my daughter and I. We went through quite a process, and they did it with utmost integrity. They were very focused on getting the right horse for her. Also the boarding, care and facility have always been a first-class operation. They are straightforward and committed to both the horse and client.

Stephen Shea

Nicholas and David are both very dedicated and straight-forward as trainers. They are really good at keeping it fun, while also being fair to the horse. They push me more than any other trainer I've had but they make sure that I am being fair in my training too. Everyone at Marcus Fyfe Dressage is very supportive and the barn has a really great energy.

Katrina Sadis

I had a splendid time riding with David in one of his clinics. He was very determined to help us improve especially with getting my mare more up in the shoulder to compliment her exuberant hind leg, and he kept the energy of the lesson relaxed yet mentally stimulating at the same time. My horse improved tremendously for the duration of the lesson. David made slight changes to my position, which I found to be extremely important and effective. David expresses such a wonderful passion for helping both the horse and rider grow to their potential.

Genay Vaughn

I lived and competed in Europe for six years and I have ridden with some legends, but David Marcus is one of the best instructors I have had. His communication skills are stellar, which makes the difference between an instructor who sees a problem and an instructor who can identify a problem, find a solution, communicate the mechanics of the solution to the rider, and if all else fails get on the horse! Not only did I ride with him twice now in a clinic, but I had four of my students and an additional training horse have sessions with David. Everyone came away with useful nuggets of information. I would recommend to anyone at any level in their riding to take a clinic with David if they have the opportunity.

Jane Ewer

As a lower level rider, I feared I would be wasting David's time. But he is a patient and encouraging teacher who helped me work on my position, rider aids, and a warm-up program for my horse. He is a unique clinician in that he does not give the same lesson to every rider and he actually is happy to ride your horse to get a better understanding of the issues! Most importantly, he explains things in a way that makes it simple to understand. I would ride with him again in a heartbeat!

Jackie Weisbein